Established in 1920, YWCA High Point is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.


It is the vision of YWCA High Point to be the community’s leading nonprofit agency for empowering women, strengthening families and working toward racial justice.

Lead in the services we provide.
Partner to extend and strengthen our reach.
Respond to unmet needs.
Innovate with new and creative solutions to community issues.
Impact current and future generations.


Established in 1858 as a voice for women’s issues, YWCA USA opened the first employment bureau for women several years later. That was only the beginning of 160 years of active advocacy and programming for women’s rights and civil rights. We continue to evolve to meet today’s challenges in eliminating racism and empowering women. We’ve shifted to a bottoms-up, grassroots structure. We’ve launched a revitalized brand that reaffirms the mission of working aggressively for women and people of color. And we’re actively engaging young women to carry on the YWCA mission for years to come.

YWCA USA focuses on three priority areas:

  • Racial justice and civil rights
  • Empowerment and economic advancement of women and girls
  • Health and safety of women and girls

Visit YWCA USA website to learn more about our national strategies and work being done through the country.

The YWCA has provided opportunities, programs, and support that is specific to my needs.

Anna Austin

I’ve never been to an organization that is more accommodating and friendlier than the YWCA of High Point.

Debora Karsetter

Good swimming, good fitness, good friends.

Paul Zejda

It’s convenient, has a great atmosphere, and a great selection of programs for the amount of pay.

Thomas Reid

The YWCA is that place that is like a third home to me. The people are super friendly, super welcoming, and super caring. That is what really makes the YWCA a place I love to be.

Michelle Chapin

Everyone I’ve come in contact with at the YWCA is genuinely nice and helpful. They are attentive to my needs and I always feel comfortable at the YWCA.

Marion Cobb

Along with the calm and pleasant atmosphere, the YWCA’s fitness programs that are offered have improved my overall health.

Barbara Phillips

I only have the highest things to say about the YWCA. The facilities and programs have met the specific needs of my wife and I and the people know us by name. Overall, it has been a great fit for us.

Elva and John Mays

The YWCA is convenient for me and my schedule. They are always consistent in their programs and always hospitable.

Teresa Owens

I appreciate the reliability and availability of their programs and amenities.

Kay Maynard