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Serving the women, children, and families of High Point.

Today, the YWCA is at an exciting turning point in its history of serving the people of High Point as we have raised $2.8 million for Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Growing our Future Campaign, which has been completed.

The YWCA is now focusing on the Phase 3 goal of $3.5 million, which will help us continue the updates and renovations of our building to better accommodate the needs of our members, provide adequate space for our programs and allow for future growth.


Phase three will continue with updates of the outdated floor plan of the 1959 facility to meet the needs of current programming and allow for growth. The estimated cost is $1 million.

We are currently raising the funds for this phase.

Work will include:

  • Renovation of the women’s locker room

  • Renovation of the all-purpose meeting room, multipurpose room

  • Renovation of the Gatewood exterior of the facility

For more details about being a part of our Growing Our Future Campaign please contact Heidi Majors, Executive Director at 336-882-4126.


On June 24, we submitted the construction documents to the city to begin Phase 2, and construction began in February 2017. Phase 2 is a $950,000.00 million project to update and renovate the building and program areas to better accommodate the needs of members, provide adequate space for programs and allow for future growth.

This portion of the renovation included:

  • Renovations for a new fitness center in the area above and adjacent to the existing pool

  • Creation of a new teaching kitchen

  • Renovation of the Women’s Resource Center and Baby Basics Closet

  • Removal of 1 internal existing stair and structural infill to provide the kiln room and storage room at the lower level and an ADA compliant toilet for women at the upper level

  • Creation of a storage room for the large meeting room upstairs

  • New railings and refurbishment of the existing internal stair closest to the pool

  • Converting current upstairs women’s restroom to a large storage room

  • New pool dehumidfication system

  • Outdoor Sports Shelter


On December 21, 2013, the YWCA began Phase 1 renovations on its aquatics facility. We closed the facility during the three and half month renovation and reopened on April 7, 2014. The initial cost was estimated at $175,000, but due to extra work that the Building Task Force and the YWCA board identified and decided to address, the project ended up costing $230,000.

The Aquatics facility project included the following:

  • Replaced all the original 1959 galvanized steel piping with PVC in the pump room

  • Installed lighting in the pump room, as the existing lighting was not working

  • Removed the original 1959 filter tanks

  • Installed a new plaster floor and walls to the pool, as well as new tile on the pool floor

  • Installed a new boiler system to heat the pool to maintain the 84º – 87º pool temperature to meet the recommendations of the Arthritis Foundation

  • Re-grouted the pool deck and tile walls of the pool room

  • Installed a new pool lift as a secondary entry to meet ADA standards

  • Installed new lighting in the pool room

  • Repainted the pool room

The YWCA celebrated the pool renovation and reopening by “Making a Splash into the Future,” where community leaders jumped into the pool united! With the renovations, new members have joined and are now able to benefit from water therapy, exercise, and recreation. Additionally, we are able to partner with a number of groups to serve more individuals, including Special Olympics. Two stories of our future are attached.

YWCA completed the remainder of Phase 1 renovations in November 2015. The total cost was $1.5 million and included:

  • Sitework – including the parking lot located on Westwood Avenue and demolition of the driveway off Gatewood

  • New facility entrance and 4,900 square foot entrance

  • Elevator tower

  • ADA accessibility

  • Security

The YWCA has provided opportunities, programs, and support that is specific to my needs.

Anna Austin

I’ve never been to an organization that is more accommodating and friendlier than the YWCA of High Point.

Debora Karsetter

Good swimming, good fitness, good friends.

Paul Zejda

It’s convenient, has a great atmosphere, and a great selection of programs for the amount of pay.

Thomas Reid

The YWCA is that place that is like a third home to me. The people are super friendly, super welcoming, and super caring. That is what really makes the YWCA a place I love to be.

Michelle Chapin

Everyone I’ve come in contact with at the YWCA is genuinely nice and helpful. They are attentive to my needs and I always feel comfortable at the YWCA.

Marion Cobb

Along with the calm and pleasant atmosphere, the YWCA’s fitness programs that are offered have improved my overall health.

Barbara Phillips

I only have the highest things to say about the YWCA. The facilities and programs have met the specific needs of my wife and I and the people know us by name. Overall, it has been a great fit for us.

Elva and John Mays

The YWCA is convenient for me and my schedule. They are always consistent in their programs and always hospitable.

Teresa Owens

I appreciate the reliability and availability of their programs and amenities.

Kay Maynard