YWCA Teaching Kitchen provides coordination of nutrition and cooking education classes for the Greater High Point community.

Educational classes will focus on teaching individuals to cook healthy while on a budget and eating healthy for chronic diseases. All ages and demographics are welcome.


These classes educate and empower individuals to take control of their health, understand the negative effects of poor diet on their health, increase their cooking efficiency, and learn how to choose healthy low-cost, fresh ingredients to cook a nutritious meal.

Students gain knowledge and an improved attitude towards healthy foods that will help improve food security.

Programs include hands-on learning through cooking demonstrations, food preparation, and healthy food recognition. And the programs focus on how to recognize and manage chronic disease symptoms through healthy eating.

The teaching kitchen is utilized by all of the program areas within YWCA.

Community organizations are also invited to use the teaching kitchen to have hands-on teaching and demonstration classes.


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The YWCA has provided opportunities, programs, and support that is specific to my needs.

Anna Austin

I’ve never been to an organization that is more accommodating and friendlier than the YWCA of High Point.

Debora Karsetter

Good swimming, good fitness, good friends.

Paul Zejda

It’s convenient, has a great atmosphere, and a great selection of programs for the amount of pay.

Thomas Reid

The YWCA is that place that is like a third home to me. The people are super friendly, super welcoming, and super caring. That is what really makes the YWCA a place I love to be.

Michelle Chapin

Everyone I’ve come in contact with at the YWCA is genuinely nice and helpful. They are attentive to my needs and I always feel comfortable at the YWCA.

Marion Cobb

Along with the calm and pleasant atmosphere, the YWCA’s fitness programs that are offered have improved my overall health.

Barbara Phillips

I only have the highest things to say about the YWCA. The facilities and programs have met the specific needs of my wife and I and the people know us by name. Overall, it has been a great fit for us.

Elva and John Mays

The YWCA is convenient for me and my schedule. They are always consistent in their programs and always hospitable.

Teresa Owens

I appreciate the reliability and availability of their programs and amenities.

Kay Maynard