June 2, 2020

Today, we mourn the senseless murder of George Floyd by individuals who took an oath to protect and serve. We pray for the family of George Floyd and for peace, equity, and justice within our community, state, and nation.

Each day, we mourn not only George Floyd’s murder but all who have been victims of broken systems that enable oppression. Our hearts ache, and we are angry over racial hatred and injustice for the countless generations of black, brown, and Indigenous Americans that have been grappling with institutional racism for centuries. Year after year and instance, after instance, we see racial injustices that feed into one another.

YWCA High Point believes that we, as a community, can move toward justice for all, ending oppression. Our small steps will cause a change by educating ourselves on racial equity, making time to listen, and standing together in solidarity.

YWCA High Point will stand and speak out to end institutionalized racism. As individuals, we encourage you to speak out and hold our elected officials, law enforcement, and community accountable for their actions.

Together, we will make a difference; we will cause change.