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YWCA High Point 2016 Pubic Policy Agenda

YWCA High Point is a member of YWCA USA, whose mission is eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. As an organization that blends social services with social change, YWCA High Point holds a strong commitment to advocating for our clients and constituents to promote equity and opportunity for all, especially the most marginalized among us.

Our Policy Positions are adapted from YWCA USA and localized to meet the unique needs of our community. They illustrate our stance on social and political issues, and direct our advocacy work. Based on these core principles, we develop an annual Advocacy Agenda on which to focus our attention each year.

In 2016, working in collaboration with partners, we will advocate for the following issues to advance our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. We will also monitor and educate stakeholders on all policy issues that have an impact on women and girls in our state.

Protecting and Advancing Immigrant Rights

YWCA High Point opposes HB 318 and its provision that restricts the different identification documents accepted by government officials. We believe that everyone has a right to identity and that this law enables discrimination, which affects not only those who are directly targeted but their families, who in many cases have US born children, who are, therefore, citizens. YWCA High Point is committed to finding alternatives to addressing these concerns.
Sponsors: George Cleveland, Chris Millis, Chris Whitmire, Debra Conrad, Hugh Blackwell, Carl Ford, Frank Iler, Bert Jones, Larry G. Pittman, Dennis Riddell, Mitchell S. Setzer
Current Status: Signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory in October of 2015
YWCA High Point Goal: Seek alternative solutions to address the concerns to avoid discrimination

HB 1081 Tuition Equity

YWCA High Point supports efforts that will lead to inclusive access to higher education. We are committed to advocating for in state tuition for all North Carolina residents, regardless of immigration status, but particularly for those under DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals). These students can legally work in our state and are exempt from deportation. They are currently required to pay out-of-state tuition even at our community colleges. We believe that North Carolina’s investment in all students K-12 is formidable, and that students are better able to contribute to our community and the economy if they are also able to gain fair access to the higher education system.
Sponsors: Charles Jeter (R) & Greg Meyer (D)
Current Status: Bill was introduced May 11, 2016
YWCA High Point Goal: Increase support for bill from both representatives and community

Voter Engagement

The YWCA USA supports legislation that ensures that all eligible voters are able to routinely, easily, and successfully exercise their right to vote. Voting rights laws must ensure that historically disenfranchised voters, such as women and people of color, are able to fulfill their constitutionally protected right to vote.
YWCA High Point Goal: Focus on voter registrations and engagement

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